The International Student Affairs office is responsible for all international student admissions and services, including assisting international students during admissions processes and throughout matriculation, handling all necessary VISA procedures for students and faculty, and planning international activities to provide cultural exchange for students of all nationalities.

The Public Relations and Communications office is responsible for planning and preparation for receptions and ceremonies; promoting the university by arranging international exhibitions; various MFU international publications, such as the MFU Prospectus, International Student Handbook, Fact Sheets, MFU at a Glance, The Park, and MF-You(th); planning and promoting of the International Affairs Division’s events and activities; and MFU website (English) maintenance, overall creating an image and reputation for the university.

The International Collaborations office is responsible for developing and fostering collaborations with foreign academic institutions; writing reports and drafting Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) to be signed by the authorised persons; setting up the meetings, international conferences, seminars, workshops for international guests visiting MFU for collaborative purposes; maintaining communication with partnering institutions namely by emails, letters, as well as telephone and fax; organising outbound trips for the executive management team; forming networks and supporting university internationalization from public relations.

The General Affairs office is responsible for general administrative tasks; internal processing and recording of international correspondence; reporting finance and budget management; preparation for meetings, including scheduling monthly meetings; quality assurances; maintaining the divisional calendar and monitoring the progress of the Division plan; and managing special projects.