Dr.Orawan Suwantong Awarded the 18th Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program Scholarship

The School of Science congratulates Dr. Orawan Suwantong who received the 18th Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. program scholarship from the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) in the environment and technology group, material science field. The scholarship recipient is able to select qualified students to obtain research assistant grants.

Dr.Orawan Suwantong, a faculty member in Applied Chemistry and Materials Science specializing in polymer materials, is very engrossed in academic development and research which reflect in her receiving several research grants from Mae Fah Luang University (internal research grant), The Thailand Research Fund and National Research Council of Thailand. As a result, she continuously published her research papers. Her main research interests are polymer material development for medicine and agriculture, forming fine fibres by electrical charge (electrospinning) and the delivery of drugs and chemicals by polymer for uses in medicine, cosmetic and agriculture.