Congratulations to Assistant Professor Dr. Sureeporn Nontachaiyapoom

Dr. Sureeporn Nontachaiyapoom has been appointed Assistant Professor of Bioscience in the School of Science from 18 February 2014 according to the Mae Fah Luang University Pronouncement on 25 December 2014.

Assistant Professor Dr. Nontachaiyapoom started her research on orchid mycorrhiza since 2008, under a project financially supported by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and the Office of the Higher Education Commission, by the isolation of orchid mycorrhizal fungi from orchid roots, and identified them by molecular technique.  Realizing the potential of the isolated fungi, she further examines ways to use them for improving orchid production and propagation.  This project has been granted by TRF and Mae Fah Luang University.  Since the orchid mycorrhizal fungi were found to promote orchid seed germination without the use of artificial medium, enhance the growth of orchids and reduce substrate contamination from other fungi, they are currently under development to be used for commercial orchid cultivation and propagation, a project funded by Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization).