Dr. Anant Eungwanichayapant

Research InterestGamma Astronomy; X-ray Astronomy; Infrared Astronomy; Cosmic Rays; Mathematical Modeling

Phone: (66) 5391-6782
E-mail: anant@remove-this.mfu.ac.th
Office: E3A-516

Research interests: Plant Science and Technology; Plant Systematics
Phone:  (66) 5391-6782
Office: E3A-516

Dr. Nuttachat Wisittipanit

Research Interest: Data mining for Profiling Human Microbiome; Applications of Machine Learning in Bioinformatics
Phone: (66) 5391-6768
E-mail: nuttachat.wis@remove-this.mfu.ac.th 
Office: E3A-510

Dr. Piyanuch Siriwat

Research Interest: Applications of Group Analysis; Invariant Solutions of The Special Model of Fluids; Group Classification
Phone: (66) 5391-6786
E-mail: piyanuch.sir@remove-this.mfu.ac.th 
Office: E3B-502

Dr. Rungrote Nilthong

Research Interest: Cluster Computing; Theoretical Solid State Physics
Phone: (66) 5391-6771
E-mail: rungrote@remove-this.mfu.ac.th
Office: E3A-511

Dr. Theeradech Mookum

Research Interest: Mathematical modelling of two-phase flow and heat transfer; Mathematical modelling of electromagnetic field
Phone: (66) 5391-6772
E-mail: theeradech@remove-this.mfu.ac.th
Office: E3A-508