Undergraduate Programs

B.Sc. (Applied Chemistry)

The Bachelor of Science Program in Applied applies the principles of chemistry for research and development of chemical compounds that are crucial for various industries in Thailand, e.g., medical, pharmaceutical, and agro-industry. The Program aims to educate the student to have both the knowledge and experience i to enable them to apply their expertise in the innovative development of the corresponding related field that will play an important role in the economic and social development of the country.

Program Structure Applied Chemistry 

Program Structure Applied Chemistry (Honors program) 

Study Plan Applied Chemistry 

Study Plan Applied Chemistry (Honors program) 


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B.Sc. (Biotechnology)

Biotechnology program is a program that uses the application from the knowledge of Biotechnology on the biological resource to provide products that benefit society and support sustainable economic development. Our focus is on providing the knowledge and skills extensively in Biotechnology to our students. We expect our students to use this knowledge to apply on an industry innovation and entrepreneurship leading with a concern on an ecological balance and environment.

Program Structure Biotechnology 

Study Plan Biotechnology 


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B.Eng. (Material Engineering)

Materials engineering programme, Mae Fah Luang University, is an interdisciplinary programme which encompasses the strength of materials science and engineering fields so that our graduates will be competent in both science of materials and engineering skills. Designing, testing and planning, the key learning issues through research problem solving either from community or industry, are the three main skills which are the focus of our programme. The learning scheme will be conducted via a collaborative learning method in which the team working, analytical thinking, knowledge inquiry as well as special language skills are additional grooms for our graduates for their future work with both private enterprises and governmental departments. 

Program Structure Material Engineering  

Study Plan Material Engineering   

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